Why Join our Community?

You may have an interest in FH or be a person with elevated cholesterol yourself.  We are building a community of people who are interested in futher information and the role nurses could play in Cardio Vascular health generally and especially FH.

What sort of member would you be?


I want Information and Education

  • Belong to a Community that is positive and mutually supporting
  • Get information on topics that interests you
  • Learn how to apply the tips and techniques

I want support from peers

  • Join like-minded people
  • Give back to the community – make a difference, share your experience 
  • Make your skills available to the wider community


I want to enhance my knowledge to save lives

  • See opportunities in your workday to have meaningful discussion with especially your younger patients and their families regarding possible FH
  • Build a network of useful contacts to discuss what you have found and who you can refer your patients to
  • See tips and techniques and much more information in dealing with patients who have elevated cholesterol with or without FH

Join The Community


I want to develop specialised knowledge on FH and Cholesterol Management

  • Make sure you don’t miss out on new research and the availability of new treatment methodologies
  • Have opportunities to mentor or be mentored and encourage others to TAKE UP THE CHALLENGE to reduce the global burden of FH
  • Get feedback from other members on topics that interests you
  • Build a network of people you can refer to for support and patient care

I would one day like to manage, operate or have my own clinic

  • Be surrounded by supportive and likeminded people going in your direction
  • Develop a pool of people who could help you achieve your dream
  • Learn practical tips and ideas on how to set up your own clinic

Join The Community

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No Credit Card Required
  • Information and Education

  • Support from peers

  • Enhance your knowledge to save lives

  • Develop specialised knowledge on FH and Cholesterol Management

  • Manage, operate or have your own clinic

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